Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When I learned about King Edward abdicating his throne I thought it was the most romantic story I'd ever heard.
Imagine, giving up the throne for the love of a woman.
Of course, during that time, the throne didn't really hold any power anymore. It was purely position, but still...

What if a king of old had done that? Back in the day when brother killed brother, son killed father, husband killed wife for the crown. What if a king had forsaken all that power, wealth, prestige and honor for love? Unheard of.

But then... isn't that what we're celebrating this month? A King who abandoned everything for love. For love of us. He shrugged off the royal robes, set aside the crown, and stepped down from a throne of untold splendor. For us.


  1. Several years ago we went to a Christmas party where someone read an essay called "The Sacrifice of Christmas" or something like that. I think it's easy to think about the cute baby story, but hard to understand what was given up in that birth.

    Who was it who said it would be like us deciding to be born, live, and die as worms just because we love worms?

    In a way, we have it backwards. Christmas is about sacrifice. Easter is about victory. But they're both about both, I suppose.

    Never thought about it in terms of Edward's abdication, though. That's a good analogy.

  2. I agree, Amy. In fact, here's a post I did. I re-ran it already, so didn't this year.

  3. Love it! Merry Christmas! Love you...Kay! (and I say that on purpose!!)

  4. Great post Kay! It reminds me of my new favorite Christmas song by Go Fish - "It's About the Cross."


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