Sunday, November 7, 2010

create art every day #7

I didn't feel like creating today. But I don't want to dork out this early in the game.
I grabbed my sketchbook without moving my lazy self out of my seat and made some dancing trees. I make dancing trees just for fun sometimes. They make me happy.


  1. I love your dancing trees. They make me smile and feel good. Makes me want to wiggle with them.

  2. Great motion. I know the feeling - it's a challenge to keep going and it's only week one! But you did it and it's a really cool sketch.

  3. I like them, too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great! I kinda hate to mention this, but at first glance (you know how my mind works when it comes to images) I saw a rather deformed bottom part of a woman. The tree branches are the shading.
    She has a cloud flower just above her waist. Can anyone else see it? Yeah, I know..........

  5. I can't, but your sister thought that some of them looked like bottoms. (I really need an eye-rolling smiley.)


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