Sunday, November 14, 2010

art #14

Yesterday I made art with words. I created a person, a setting and a situation. I'm not posting it, though.
This is the sketch I did today.
Helping Hand. We all could use one from time to time.


  1. Geez! Your posts have been reminding me of my daughter and her school projects lately. This time it reminds me of a poster we made to create an anti-shoplifting ad.
    We drew a pretty hand at the top left holding or wearing bangle bracelets. Then at the bottom right we drew a manly hand holding hand-cuffs.
    Our slogan was, 'If you put these bracelets in your pocket.... / .... we'll put these bracelets on your wrists.'
    We won! 8 )

    And sometimes the 'helping hand' is simply a smile! Thank you, Kay!

  2. Very nice hands, they are always a challenege to draw for me.

  3. Gee Whiz! Those hands are really good. Not too good at it myself, but can draw a horse's head. So there! Mom


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