Thursday, July 29, 2010

a what of writers?

A dazzle of zebras. Photo from
We all know cattle come in herds.
Geese come in gaggles.
A group of crows is a murder.
But have you heard of an exaltation of larks?
Or a shiver of sharks?
What about an implausibility of gnus?
A seething of eels.
A rhumba of rattlesnakes.
A busyness of ferrets.
A pulchritude of peacock.
A boogle of weasels, a scurry of squirrels.
I could go on and on with these wonderful words. But you can go look for yourself at this site I found.

This all comes of my friend Bonnie Doran asking what a group of writers is called. She got some good suggestions: an anthology, a rabble, a prattle.
What do you suggest?


  1. how funny that my status goes along with this! btw, i love collective nouns. i may have to blog about it now.

  2. i think a 'scribbling' of writers would sound okay ...

  3. oo, i like scribbling. that's what i feel like i'm doing half the time. somewhere i saw "block" to describe writers, but i have enough problems with that without being called one collectively.

  4. a Scribbling of writers! I like that, too.

  5. Love scribbling ... what about a Volume of Writers?

  6. P.S. That was me, Clyde, with the Volume thing. Forgot to sign!

  7. This discussion is great fun. I cheated with Synonym Finder and humbly add "Collection" of writers to the collection of names.


  8. I like a scribbling and a block. And I always love hearing those names for groups of animals. The Implausiblity of Gnus is one of the best I've heard.

  9. I think a Courage of Writers might work, too. A Risk of Writers?
    Thank you all for your fun suggestions!
    Evangeline, I thought that was the best, too.

  10. I guess I put this on Facebook. I thought I put it here. Anyway, mine was a Prattle of Writers because we always say we're getting together to write, but we end up prattling. :D


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