Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i'm not okay, you're not okay

In November the ligaments in my pelvic bones stopped doing their job. I was in severe pain and incapacitated for weeks. But I went to the doctor and am on my way to healing. Part of the healing process is doing physical therapy.

There are usually several people in the room doing therapy at the same time. I sit on a ball and take turns lifting each foot an inch off the floor. It looks easy but is not.

A guy sits in a chair and raises his arm just barely over his head. That's easy. I could do that.
A girl gets on the leg press and breezes through a set. Wow. I used to be able to do that without a second thought. It would be excruciating if I tried it now.

Obviously everyone has problems in different areas. Still, it's easy to measure myself based on what others are doing.

You've probably recognized the spiritual application. We tend to look at other Christians and think, why would she make a big deal out of the language in that movie? It didn't affect me at all. She really should be more mature than that.

Or, man, that sexy book really disturbed my spirit and caused a lot of bad thoughts. My friends read it and weren't bothered at all. Maybe I'm not as strong as they are...

We are each weak. We are each strong. We are each crippled in different areas. And sometimes, I think, we can become weak in an area that used to be our strength. And we certainly can become strong in a weak area. But how I want to stop measuring myself based on what others are doing.


  1. I agree with this. I fall into the habit of comparison so easily. I've gotta stop it. I mean, if you're able to stop it, I should be able to stop it. Now see, I'm doin' it again! As always, an insightful post, Kay.

  2. Great post Kay. The last paragraph really wrapped it up. Sometimes when we have a strength we can get prideful about it and then there we are, deep in sin. ugh.
    Glad that you are in therapy and able to do more movement. Looking forward to the day that the pain is totally gone.

  3. So true. Physical therapy is really not fun. I remember thinking everyone else had it easy there. I was the one covered in sweat. What a great comparison. Thanks for the insights.

  4. Well said. I hate judgment and comparisons, but I'm guilty of both at times.

  5. Very true. We are all more complicated than we think.

  6. Thanks, Kay. I needed that.

    I think of comparing himself to David - Saul slayed his thousands ... David his tens of thousands. It created murderous jeaulouy.

    I hope you are recovering your physical strength. Take care,



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