Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ash wednesday

Today some friends went with me to Ash Wednesday service at the International Anglican Church where we attended when we lived in Colorado Springs.

It was a blessing to hear the sermon given by the Bishop from Rwanda. It was humbling to have that Rwandan man place the ashes on my forehead. A man who has seen so much. A man who ministers to people who have survived genocide, ministered to me.

This is what I got out of the sermon today:

Seek God rather than seek to please God.

True fasting is giving of myself to others.

I am an ambassador of the Kingdom of God and I need to be readily available when the King calls me for service.

It's all about focus.

Lent is a new thing for me. This is the third year I've observed it. It has been a time of renewed focus for me each year as I spend time thinking about who I am and who I would be apart from God.

From dust you came, to dust you shall return. Meanwhile...


  1. Beautiful church. Sounds like a very moving service.

  2. Lovely. Glad you could have this experience.

  3. What a beautiful church! As a cradle Episcopalian, I believe this is the first time I have seen the name International Anglican Church. What makes it different from other Episcopal or Anglican churches? International clergy? congregants? ministry?

    Also, how thrilling to have the Bishop of Rwanda there. My church in California has a supporting ministry there. I was planning to go when the plans for my move to Texas took precedence. I can only think how moving it was for you to experience this man's ministry to you on this special day in our church year.


  4. This church is a mission church. The home/sending church is in Rwanda. They are trying to evangelize the US. Interesting, isn't it?

    here is a link to the Anglican Mission in the Americas site:

    The building doesn't belong to the church. It is on the campus of Colorado College and is used by any denomination or creed that wants to use it. But it is a very beautiful building.

  5. Aside from my daughter and other family members, IAC is one of the things I miss the most about not living in Colorado Springs. There are NO Anglican Churches within 50 +miles from me here in rural NC.

    My wife and I held our own abbreviated Ash Wednesday service here in our NC home. Naturally, we could not do the ashes, nor the Eucharist, as we are not ordained Anglican priests.

    We are doing what we can and listening for God's voice for when we can move back to Colorado.

    "Lord, have mercy."

    Please keep us in your prayers as we look to returning to Colorado.

    Will Spahr

  6. Thanks for the explanation, Kay. The concept of the Rwanda church coming to evangelize us reminds me of Athol Dickson's "Lost Mission". I have no doubts that the African churches think we in the States need to be brought back to the gospel! Clyde

  7. I like your notes on the service. They are making me think. I especially like "Seek God rather than seek to please God." I need to think on that. It's kinda mind bendy.


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