Monday, January 18, 2010


Michelle started a new photo meme called Popinjay. She posts words each week and the challenge is to capture the essence of that word in a photo.
Last week the word--which I didn't get posted on time--was Hope. I am posting it today, a week late.

The real Jesus, not a ceramic figurine, completely captures the word Hope for me.

The word this week was Alive. So I had to think--what does alive mean? It means not dead. Here is my photo for Alive.

No matter how bad it may look. No matter how dead it may seem. If there's even the tiniest bit of life left, it's alive. Sounds kinda like hope, too, doesn't it?

(And yes, I'm ashamed to say, that is one of my houseplants.)

The next word is Dorky. Wanna play?


  1. I'm not any good at keeping plants alive either! But hey, there's a little life in there!! :)

  2. Kay!! I'm so glad you're playing along!!

    That's your houseplant? Shame on you girlfriend. LOL Give that thing some WATER from me (ha!) and Sunlight from Flip Flop Mamma (haha!) and get that thing really alive!

  3. I like the bit of green, meaning a bit of hope

  4. A lot of my herbs look like that in Mid-December. Then this time of year I cut back all the dead parts and find all kinds of sprouts pushing up from the soil. The leaves may be dead, but the roots are still alive. It' a good thing to hold onto.

  5. Okay, love love your Hope one.

    And I relate on the houseplant one. I had several dead plants on my porch without even a BIT of green in them so they were no good for this. ;)

  6. For some reason, I keep thinking about the classic Frankenstein movie clip when the lightning hits the monster and he comes alive. Dr. Frankenstein yells, "It's alive." Sometimes, our situations need an intense bolt of electrical current. But with God, anything can come back to life.


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