Wednesday, January 13, 2010

checkin up

The year is more than a dozen days old. How are you doing on whatever decisions you may have made on the first?

I'm supposed to be living a risky life. Taking chances and thumbing my nose at fear of failure and all that.

How am I doing? Well... I'm mediocre at throwing my cares to the wind. Or my cars, as I first typed.

I said I wanted to knit something with a pattern. Well, I can't figure out how to read patterns. But I made up my own and guess what? I've messed it up pretty good. And some of the mess-ups I've fixed and others--most--I've left as is. It's a terribly imperfect scarf. Isn't that wonderful!? Of course it helps that it's for my son and he won't care a lick, but it's a start.

I've starting editing the story I wrote for NaNo and it's kinda scary. I don't know how to do this. But I'm just doing it. Taking a risk. Although I don't really know what I'm risking. I have a copy saved of the original, but it feels dangerous anyway.

Little changes. Little steps. What about you?


  1. Kay - I just love your 'random' thoughts. If you can be daring, so can I! Baby steps - isn't that actually all God requires? He wants us walking in His direction - and if all we can muster are baby steps - I think He'll take that... for the time being anyways.
    I love you, Kay. Thank you for sharing YOU!

  2. I've learned to take baby steps. I always seem to get off track when I make long jumps. God doesn't want my life to be like a competition. Instead to be humble as little child.Love your "thoughts" God bless.

  3. Kay,

    Your post reminded me of an FB friend of mine's book. Her name is Joan C. Webb and she wrote a book called, It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life. She used to strive for perfection and it nearly broke her. Now she's a Life Coach and teaches people the joys of imperfection.

    None of the goals we set at the first will be accomplished perfectly. The journey is what counts.

    Good post!


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