Wednesday, January 28, 2009

w x 10

My new friend Linda at Mocha With Linda tagged me with a new meme!  Here is the link to her contribution - the letter N.
She assigned me the letter W.  So if you want to play, leave a comment saying so and I will give you a letter.  No fair picking your own letter.
Ten things I like that start with W.  Whatever...

1. Winter.  I LOVE winter.  It is never too long in my book.

2. Warmth.  While I love winter, I also love to be cozy warm.  Not hot, mind you, just warm.

3. Watermelon.  One of the things that makes summer bearable.

4. Westerns.  Love old John Wayne movies and the Magnificent Seven and Two Mules for Sister Sarah, etc.

5. Who Done Its.  Cozy mysteries are my favorite and I love Agatha Christie.

6. Wishes.  I wish upon stars and candles and other silly things, because, why not?

7. Wax.  As in candles.  But also, wax museums are cool.

8. Willy Nelson.  Not so much him personally, but I like his music.  I don't know him personally.

9. WFTJ.  My writing group, Words for the Journey.  Awesome group.   LOVE them.

10. Wondering.  I am a questioner.  And for a bonus, I also like wandering.  As long as it is intentional.

And just for the record, even though it isn't cool and all that, I like W.  As in George.


  1. Great list of "w" words. I think I want a letter. Not "q" or "x" or "z". Okay?

  2. WoW! You did a great job! I like many of your things. Willie Nelson not so much - he's too prevalent down here Warmth I'm definitely for, but winter isn't my fave, especially since we mostly get dreariness and no fun stuff like snow. I'll take the wax you mentioned, but not the wax that took 2 MD visits until an ENT suctioned it out of my boy's ear yesterday! LOL

    And I bet you like George Beverly Shea's old Christmas hymn (if you've ever heard it) I Wonder as I Wander!!

    Thanks for playing along!!

  3. Me, too. As in George W., and I'll play but next week sometime. (I've got a bunch of r, i, and other letters on my blog, too.)

  4. Thanks Kay - I got your message about the letter C - I will post my answers on Actions Speak Loudest.

  5. It is your right, but "G.W."? Really? Wow!


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