Sunday, January 25, 2009

love vs death?

I don't know a lot about Obama; just what I've heard.  I've heard he claims to be a Christian.  Maybe.  I don't know and it's not my place to make that judgement.  He may do some wonderful things for us over the next few years.  

All I know is what I've seen his priorities to be so far, and I can see that he has been deeply deceived, whether he's a Christian or not.  He may believe the lie and think that abortion is a good thing, or he may have a murderous heart.  Either way it is evil that leads him to lift these bans, condoning the killing of millions of human beings.

Our nation is sacrificing babies to the spirit of Molech.  Demons don't die.  They are thirsty for life and blood and destruction.  The spirits that moved the Israelites to sacrifice their babies in a burning oven are still here.  And our tax dollars will now pay to feed them.

In my imagination, I see a dark cloud closing in over our country.  But today as we were singing about the Glory of God spreading throughout the earth, I thought of the movie Horton Hears a Who.

My daughter loves that movie and so I have seen it several times.  I should do a post on all of the cool themes in that movie but for now, I want to talk about the barrier.  The Whos were shouting and trying to be heard but there was a thick covering that insulated the sound.  Finally the sound waves forced their way through as the smallest Who joined his voice with the others.
I thought of that this morning.  There may be a shadow settling in on us.  But we, God's people,  can make ourselves heard.  We can sing praise.  Speak truth.  And the thing that makes the most noise?  Love the Lord with all I am and love my neighbor as myself.

There may be a shadow, I feel it.  But we are the light of the world.  It's time to get out from under the bushels and let the world see a difference in us.  
I just read a book called Every Hidden Thing by Athol Dickson, (go to my book blog for a review) and the key thing I got from it is that we cannot fight a spiritual problem with physical weapons.  We must fight on the spiritual plain and the biggest weapon we have, aside from prayer and the Word of God, is love.

So, how does that play out?  


  1. This may be the catalyst that allows Christians to put aside their differences and bind together.

    Spiritual warfare means constant prayer. Constant prayer means people who pray...together.

    With every stumble this country experiences, there is an opportunity. This is ours.

    One of my favorite quotes from Lord of the Rings (the movie) is when Sam says to Faramir, "You have shown your true quality."

    What is our true quality? Isn't it time to band together, Christian and Christian, and fight for the common good?

    That is how this plays out in my my world.

    Got prayer? Got prayer together?

  2. Yes, I believe we will all pray the price. If we sacrifice our children, what's next? I saw an ad on the TV today that every 10 seconds an animal is abused. It appears we more concerned about animals than humans.

    The enemy is laughing at his victory but he has not won the war!

  3. I have been trying to figure out how to post on this without coming across as bitter and mean. You did a great job! I am with Jan...!! :)

  4. I think it's a matter of perspective. The reality is that we are destined to lose-at least in this world.

    We tend to pull ourselves out of the game to lick our wounds because the score becomes out of reach. So we pull back, regroup, and decide that one day we'll go back in when we have a chance.

    The reality: Jesus died on the cross knowing that most would not accept his gift. That the majority would mock and dismiss his sacrifice.

    God is looking for the willing, not the willing only if progress is assured. This life is a test of faithfulness.

  5. Good word, Kay. And all of the commenters, too.
    Deception is rampant, always has been. We cannot accept the mirage and follow idly. Prayer and supplication for those who will come to Jesus because as Dayle pointed out, Revelation will be upon the earth at some point--we all can pray. Pray against the evil because it is expected of us and necessary to stay the Lord's mercy and/or hasten His coming.

  6. Well said, Kay. I appreciate the comments as well. Q

  7. The conservatives tend to relax a little when a conservative president gets in office. We sit back and think he will take care of this stuff. Then when a liberal gets in office, we spring to our feet and get busy objecting. Perhaps that is why we have a liberal in office at this time... to get us back on the horse, so to speak. Well said, everyone!

  8. I am not American, but I was pretty disappointed when I heard one of the first things Obama did as President was lift the bans on international abortion funding. Very sad. I'm speaking as a Canadian, who is also appalled by the lack of legal protection for the unborn child here in Canada! Sometimes it's easy to feel overwhelmed because change doesn't come without a lot of effort (prayer and loving action).

    Good post. I liked your focus on loving our neighbour. Without that, we are just talking.

  9. Good observation, Momstheword! Neither political party has done much to make abortion rare and safe. Also, the churches need to speak more to Christians about its hidden abortion issue.


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