Saturday, January 17, 2009

five things I wish I could get into (but just can't)

My friend Melanie posted this on her blog and I am being a copy cat.  I have different things than she did, though.  So go look at hers, too.
The thing is, as I thought about this I realized that most of the things I'm not into, I'm pretty content to be out of.  Like coffee.  I will drink it occasionally, but if I never had another cup, I'd be ok with that. (I know some of you are hyperventilating right now just thinking of a world without coffee.   Breathe.)
Cell phones and texting.  I use my cell, but really despise talking on it.  And I think I've texted someone once - ever.
Sports.  I like the idea of gathering with friends to watch them and eat snacks.  But my family isn't into sports either.  We can eat snacks and watch movies.  Don't need sports.
But here are a few things I would really like to be into, but... just can't seem to.

1. Baths  
2. Size 9 or smaller shoes
3. Exercise
4. Charles Dickens
5. Veggies


  1. Great list. Yes, I nearly passed out with the coffee remark. LOL. Here's my list.

    1. Opera
    2. Every type of sports but baseball
    3. Musicals
    4. Plays
    5. Sushi

  2. I too had to grab for something at the coffee

    Exercise..I am so with you!

  3. The shoe size, exercise, and veggies - AMEN!! And I agree with the person who said sushi, too!

  4. I'm not into texting on my cell, and I only use it for emergenices or to talk to my children who live 700 miles away in another state. I'd like to be more into exercise than I've been lately :), and I need to. An interesting blog.

  5. I'm with you on coffee. I grew up observing the hold this brew had on the people around me and vowed never to be controlled by it myself.

    I don't get texting at all. Maybe if someone knows I'm in a noisy environment, but for everyday use ...

  6. As always Kay, interesting post.

    As for me?

    2)Gourmet cooking
    3)Making my own videos
    4)Designing Computer things, like blogs
    5)Singing solos that don't make people laugh :0)


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