Tuesday, May 31, 2011

scents of the season

The temperatures have finally risen here in Colorado. Summer seems to be upon us. It's not my favorite time of year, though. I'm not very tolerant of heat and sun and sweating and such.

But summer is...Summer! There are some wonderful things to be said for it. No school. No icy roads. A feeling of freedom.

But some of my favorite things are the scents.

Freshly mowed grass.
Sliced melon.
Cool cucumbers.
Sweaty little kids.
Iced tea.
Hot cotton.
Rain laden pines.

I have to make an effort to enjoy summer rather than simply surviving it. One of the things I can do is sit back, close my eyes and take a deep breath.

What scents speak summer to you?


  1. Ahhh...what a lovely post. Got to agree with you on the freshly mown grass, sliced melon and cucumbers...but have you ever noticed that sometimes freshly mown grass smells like melon and/or cucumbers???

    Sooo jealous of you for living in Colorado, one of the most beautiful places God ever created.

  2. Suntan oil, the coconut scent. :) When I was a kid my mom used that type. But when my kids were little two scents come to mind; chlorine from swimming and the mountain air filled with the aroma of Ponderosa Pine trees. When it was too hot in the city, we would take the kids up in the mountains to hike.
    Great post, Kay. :)

  3. The asphalt and concrete gets hot in summer, and when it rains on the hot ground, there's a particular smell that's hard to describe. I like it, though.

  4. Grass and cucumbers! You're so right -- very summery.

    There's this heavy humidity that falls over south Georgia this time of year. And you can smell the heat and dampness in the air. It smells like hot pavement. And pine trees. And fresh dirt. That's summer to me.

  5. Cindy, I've been trying to find a nice outdoorsy, crisp, candle for summer. Something that smells like grass. But you're right, the cucumber and melon smells similar.
    Now I'm thinking I may just go with peach, which is a scent I forgot to add to my list. :)

  6. Tonya, we weren't ever around pools or beaches much, although when I was a teen my friends like to lay out, so the suntan lotion smell isn't as much a part of summer for me as it is for many. (boy that was a long sentence!)
    I do love the smell of the mountains. We spent a lot of time in the mountains when I was a kid, fishing, driving, or just kicking around.

  7. Denise, I hate the smell of hot asphalt. But concrete isn't so bad.
    I know what you mean about the wet ground smell.
    I also like the dry, dusty smell of colorado. Don't know how to explain that one, either.

  8. Mandy, thanks for stopping by!
    I've been to GA, but not in the summer. I know that everything smells different there, and when you get close to the coast... that's a nice smell. Something we don't have at all here!


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