Saturday, December 12, 2009

things i miss this time of year

~ big old-fashioned lights ~ tinsel ~ Perry Como ~ Bing Crosby ~ being 10 ~ grandma's jelly candies and divinity ~ Grandma, both of them, and grandpa, too ~ getting together with the cousins, even though I was scared of all of them ~ not knowing what's in all the packages ~
What about you? What do you miss?


  1. I miss our yearly trek back to a small town in Arcadia, population 434, where my grand parents lived. I miss the peace of small town America and the love in my grand parents home. Gramma made divinity too. Love it. But I won't make it because it's not good for me and I'm the only one who would eat it.

    Merry Christmas Kay. ((((h)))))

  2. Momma. I miss Momma. And the divinity she would try so hard to make that never seemed to turn out for her but we would have such a great time trying.

  3. I miss driving through the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, being so excited if we saw snow, the welcoming hug from my Granny, the smell of her kitchen - green beans and biscuits, and sneaking peppermint sticks with my cousins.

    And Kay, we have a Bing Crosby and a Burl Ives CD much to the kids irritation :)

  4. I miss big family Christmases, having 15 plus people for dinner in my tiny dining room in Illinois. My family is in Illinois and my husband's family is scattered around the U.S. We have been in Colorado since 1981.
    I miss the noise and preparation and just plain fun we had.

  5. I miss my mom and dad, Dad's enthusiasm for Christmas and decorating (he was truly Mr. Christmas), my grandma Lila's perfect divinity and date-filled cookies which she would often bake in our kitchen with my mom, my mom's scrumptious Christmas cookies . . .

  6. I miss all the family who have gone on before me. I always feel a little blue this time of year. I like going to my daughter's house and letting her do most if not all of the work. :)


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