Sunday, December 6, 2009


I haven't been blogging very regularly, as you may have noticed. Until my mind comes up with something to say, I am going to re-use a few old posts.

God With Us.

Every Christmas that thought just floats around in my brain, tickling things. It's too huge to grasp.

In the Old Testament, God was often with people in a tangible way. Like the cloud and the pillar of fire that accompanied Israel through the wilderness. The glory that descended upon the Ark of the Covenant and filled the temple. But, God was distant.

Moses knew Him. So did Abraham and David and many others. But most people only encountered him vicariously, through the priests and the system.

God wants more. He wants relationship with us.

(Here I have to try to explain God: He is self-sufficient and all powerful. His word alone created a universe that extends beyond our reckoning. We can't begin to understand His vastness. Just a glimpse of Him, or even one of His messengers sends a person into a dead faint.)

So, this Powerful God stepped off of His throne, removed His glorious robe, and slipped down into humanity. He shed His royalty to wear rags and be born in a building full of animal dung. He became insufficient. He was as dependent upon His mother as any other babe. Completely helpless. Completely empty, naked, vulnerable and human. I can't get over that.

And yet that is really only a small part of it. Because the much bigger part is that He left behind His place of Holiness and purity to come and walk around in sludge and sewage. He did not ever sin, but He was affected by it just as every human is. And He was affected by it as only God can be. He felt every sorrow we have ever felt. Rejection, ridicule, loss of loved ones, disappointment. Don't think that because He was God He was above the pain and misery.

God came to earth. He walked with us. Ate with us. Talked and laughed with us. Wept, anguished, and suffered with us.

Now we can know God. Have that relationship He longs for and we need. He came to clear the way and He left His Spirit here, so that God is and always will be with us. All because of that little Baby in a manger.

God became man. Get it?

Neither do I.


  1. You are right. We have learned about Him and we meditate on Him and we study about Him, but we can't understand everything about Him. If we could, He wouldn't be God.

  2. I don't get it either. I heard a song on KLOVE today (I can't remember which song)talking about this. It is so hard for my mind to grasp! But I'm thankful even if I don't understand.

  3. Not being able to grasp EVERYTHING about God is a great comfort to me. I mean, it I could figure out what makes a god tick, I would immediately realize that god was false. Why? A god who could be figured out by the human mind is a god created by the human mind and is therfore not really a god at all. Praise to Him who was, who is, and who shall alawys be!

  4. I don't get it all, sorry to say.

  5. Incredible that God loves us that much. That is the real gift this Christmas!

  6. I get it even though I don't get it if that makes any sense. The reason we often don't "get it" is we can't imagine ourselves freely doing what God did - what sacrifice, what love, what beautiful love for HIS creation who most of the time don't get it...yet HE did it anyhow... Thank YOU JESUS!

  7. Great post! Transparent. True. So much that we don't understand... Take all of this and fold it into the mind of Christ that we're supposed to have... and still, we don't understand. God, give us Your knowledge, Your wisdom, Your understanding... help us to truly submit to all that You are.

  8. That He understands we need his presence more than anything else ... I can't get over that.

  9. I agree with some of the above, that, if we could understand God, we'd be the same as he is. We will know it all someday when we get our new minds (and bodies).


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