Sunday, March 18, 2012

22 Things

I'm doing the 22 Things Challenge. I learned about it from my friend Crystal. The idea is to list 22 small things I can do to change my life for the better. Not great big things that I'll never do, but little realistic things.

1. Take an art class.
2. Work on my book every single day. Even if only for a few minutes.
3. Eat a veggie and fruit every day.
4. Do stretches every day.
5. Take my vitamins every day.
6. Read the Bible every day.
7. Take workshops to help me with ministry.
8. Drink at least one more glass of water per day.
9. Eat less than I think I want.
10. Get massages.
11. Laugh more.
12. Practice listening.
13. Read every day.
14. Take at least one hour a day away from the computer, TV, etc.
15. Play non-electronic games once a week.
16. Write a letter once a week.
17. Visit my parents once a month.
18. Take a night away to be alone with God once per quarter.
19. Listen to music every day.
20. Cook more.
21. Family dinner at the table at least once per week.
22. Blog at least once per week.

Even though those are small things, they seem a bit daunting all in one place like that. Still here they are, for the world to see. Some of them I'm already working on. The plan is to occasionally blog about my progress. Anyone want to join me and make your own list?


  1. Some of those can be done together, like music and writing a letter, etc. Sounds like a great idea. Don't know if I'm "man" enough to do that for myself. I especially like the once a month visit to see parents. :) MOM

  2. These are all good ideas, Kay. I'll think about some changes--not much of a committment, is it? Paula


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